About us

The world in its current state relies on our ability to actively influence it. It relies on us and coming generations and our potential to bring about change. 

Yet, the potential of many persons is influenced by their surroundings. Stress, noise, work and social overload takes a toll. One main victim of our fast-paced, restless lives is our ability to sleep. Sleep keeps us happy and healthy – and lacking it, people are getting more and more tired, burned out or depressed, often without even noticing. Their potential slowly begins to fade. And who knows how many world-changing ideas were already lost because a person simply was too exhausted to think about them?

The thing is – there would be ways out of this dilemma. Sleep cannot only be influenced in a negative direction. We believe that by creating awareness and sharing our knowledge we can help people find back to a healthy sleeping pattern. The circadian rhythm is a topic that has only recently begun to be of interest to the public. We want to change that, as we think knowing about your inner clock helps you to actively influence and understand it.

We are a group of students and engineers, supported by sleep scientists and physicians. Sleep science and the circadian rhythm is one of our main interests, and we keep educating ourselves about it. 

All our posts are scientifically backed, hand-picked and peer-reviewed by our other team members.

Currently, we are working on a system that harvests the power of light to help persons with SAD or severe sleeping disorders find back to their normal routine. We hope to one day create a healthy alternative to the decision between sleeping pills and insomnia.

Should you have any ideas, questions, or feedback, we are happy to read from you.